I’ve always had a love for sweet things… which is why I married my wife, Laura! Ha! But I also love sweet, sweet ice cream! Yes, you’re here because you must love sweet, delicious gelato too, and you want me to talk about it, and I will, but there’s a little secret I need to tell you first…

Before we went travelling through Europe… I had actually never eaten gelato before! Yep. Never. Shock horror! So now I finally know what I’ve been missing out on all these years! Better late than never, right?!

Okay, let’s talk about that gelato now!

Below are some photos of Laura and I, eating gelato at various places as we travelled through Italy. In no particular order (because they were all yummy!) I’ve mentioned the names of the stores and their locations. Make sure you check them out when you’re passing through these places in Italy.

Venchi Cioccolato & Gelato (Verona, Italy)

Laura & Geoff Franklin at Venchi Chocolate Gelato, Verona, Via Cappello - Casa di Giulietta

Well that’s me and Laura eating our first ever, genuine, Italian gelato together! Since this was the first time I’d ever eaten gelato, I thought I’d start with something “basic”, and OMG it was amazing! I had a vanilla flavoured one, meanwhile Laura had her classic favourite – chocolate!

The photo of us above was snapped out the front of one of the Venchi Chocolate Gelato stores in Verona – our first stop on our stint through Italy. The Venchi store we went to was the one about 30 metres away from Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House) which was featured in the movie Letters to Juliet.

Address: Via Cappello Verona 37121 Italy
Map: Get directions

GROM – il gelato come un volta (Venice, Italy)

Laura & Geoff Franklin at Grom - il gelato come un volta, Venice, Italy

Round 2! *Ding ding* Here we are out the front of one of the four GROM stores in Venice. GROM is an Italian gelato franchise and have stores all throughout Italy, and a number of stores worldwide. The store we went to was the one south of the heart of San Polo and west across the Grand Canal from San Marco, less than 200 metres from Ca’ Rezzonico jetty.

Sadly I can’t remember the different flavours we had, but nonetheless, they were amazing and we devoured those little tubs of sweetness in moments! Another thing I thought is great about GROM is the fact that they cater for people with food intolerances. So they have gluten-free options and a good selection of fruit sorbets that are suitable for vegans too.

Address: Campo San Barnaba Venice 30123 Italy
Map: Get directions

Vivoli – Craft Gelateria (Florence, Italy)

Laura & Geoff Franklin at Vivoli Craft Gelateria, Florence, Italy

Thank you Vivoli for blessing us with such delicious gelato in such a beautiful place that I never want to forget – Florence! The store is a small family owned and operated business, located about 750 metres from the famous Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and only about 3 minutes walk from the Bargello National Museum. Our lovely local Airbnb hostess Francesca highly recommended Vivoli, so naturally we had to go and taste their gelato for ourselves!

As you can see in the photo, I got 3 different flavours, which were vanilla, chocolate and cream. I couldn’t help myself – they all looked so “fluffy” and appetising! Like clockwork, Laura got her classic chocolate flavour. She was on a mission to try every chocolate flavoured gelato we came across, to taste test and see who made the best… I think she enjoyed eating them all so much that she forgot all about the mission in the end!

Address: Via dell’Isola delle Stinche Florence 50122 Italy
Map: Get directions

BONUS: El Born Minyó – Gelateria Artesana (Barcelona, Spain)

Laura & Geoff Franklin at El Born Minyó Gelateria Artesana, Barcelona, Spain

Technically (and geographically!) this place isn’t in Italy, but we definitely ate gelato at it! This store is called El Born Minyó and is located in Barcelona, Spain. I believe it’s another family owned small business and is a single store. When we were exploring the Gothic Quarter one day, we wandered further north and stumbled across this cute, little place and thought we’d give them a go – and we’re so glad we did!

Like clockwork, Laura tried their chocolate and dark chocolate flavours which were delicious, and I tried their vanilla and a couple others – I can’t quite remember because we’d done a lot of walking that day, and I was just so excited to finally eat some gelato! 🙂

Address: Carrer de la Volta d’en Bufanalla Barcelona 08003 Spain
Map: Get directions

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Well I’m so glad to have had real, Italian gelato for my first time in the country it originated from. Pretty cool and exciting! When and where in the world was the first time you had gelato? What’s your favourite flavours? Do share in the comments below.

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