The Problem

If you’re using the Groups plugin to set up and manage groups of users within WordPress, the plugin’s documentation for setting up a custom redirect after login using shortcode is great on a case by case basis. However, trying to manage the login redirects of each group to a particular page on a global level isn’t so great.

The Solution

With the help of a little plugin called Groups Login Redirect available on GitHub, you can manage on one settings page, all the custom redirects for each user Group after they’ve logged in.

How to set up the custom redirect after login for each Group

  1. Click here to head over to the plugin on GitHub.
  2. Click the green “Clone or download” button, then in the drop down menu, click “Download ZIP” to download the plugin to your computer.
    Groups Login Redirect - Clone or download, Download ZIP master
  3. Now in the back-end of your website via the left sidebar menu, go into “Plugins > Add New” and click the “Upload Plugin” button towards the top of the page.
  4. Browse for the file you just downloaded, select it, then click the “Install Now” button to upload and install the plugin.
  5. Once you’ve done that, “Activate” the plugin and you should see a new “Groups Login Redirect” menu item appear in the left sidebar menu.
    Groups Login Redirect plugin menu item in sidebar
  6. Click through into the Groups Login Redirect section, and the settings on the landing page that you see should be self explanatory to configure.
    Groups Login Redirect - custom redirect after login to URL destinations
  7. When you’re done, click the “Save” button and that should be it!

NOTE: You may need to physically enter a redirect URL for each Group and not leave any of them blank – this includes the Default URL redirect field (so insert “/wp-admin/” for the default).

Share your thoughts

Do you know of another plugin or way to manage user Groups in WordPress? The solution here used a free plugin from and a custom plugin from GitHub. So was there a premium plugin you could recommend? Let us know your findings and what you think in the comments.

Custom Redirect After Login for User Groups in WordPress

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