Geoff Franklin

Hi there, I’m Geoff.

I’m a WordPress web developer specialising in LearnDash and WooCommerce. Some say I’m a bit of a “walking Wikipedia” when it comes to plugins too! I also love to travel, so you’ll find me blogging about all of the above here.

From the Blog

Reset menu_order of WooCommerce products in phpMyAdmin

The Problem At the time of writing this post, there has never been a native feature within WooCommerce that allows you to reset the ordering of products within the "Products" section in the WordPress back-end. Sure, you can go in and click the "Sort Products" link...

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3 Gelato Stores You Have to Eat at in Italy

I've always had a love for sweet things... which is why I married my wife, Laura! Ha! But I also love sweet, sweet ice cream! Yes, you're here because you must love sweet, delicious gelato too, and you want me to talk about it, and I will, but there's a little...

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