Geoff Franklin

Hi there, I’m Geoff.

I’m a digital designer, WordPress web developer and a “walking Wikipedia” when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce plugins, so I enjoy coming up with solutions using them. I also love to travel, so you’ll find me blogging about all of the above here, and you can read more about my story here.

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Reset menu_order of WooCommerce products in phpMyAdmin

The Problem At the time of writing this post, there has never been a native feature within WooCommerce that allows you to reset the ordering of products within the "Products" section in the WordPress back-end. Sure, you can go in and click the "Sort Products" link...

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3 Gelato Stores You Have to Eat at in Italy

I've always had a love for sweet things... which is why I married my wife, Laura! Ha! But I also love sweet, sweet ice cream! Yes, you're here because you must love sweet, delicious gelato too, and you want me to talk about it, and I will, but there's a little...

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The Big Game I’m Up To in Life Right Now!

My big vision is to transform Papua New Guinea!
Click below to donate and find out what that looks like right now…

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